Collision Repair

Raising the Bar

Coach Works uses original manufacturer parts, factory specs, specially fabricated parts, and precision assembly to rebuild damaged cars. Because cars are built safer today than ever before, Coach Works’ collision repair services carefully and expertly provide Collision Repair with your car’s safety specs in mind. Coach Works strives to bring your car back to its original performance, both mechanically and visually.

Providing the Best Value

In order to assure you get the best value, Coach Works can install used or aftermarket parts. Our auto body repair experts will help find a solution that fits your budget.

Attention to Detail

Most of the time, a car’s initial surface is the best place to place paint. However, oftentimes a car will need extra attention before the new paint can be applied. Everyone knows that painting over old paint or chips can exacerbate the problem. At Coach Works, we surface sand your car to ensure proper paint adhesion. Some surface damage, such as cracking, peeling, or excessive chipping can only be corrected by completely removing the old finish or paint. Cracks and peeling require stripping since they penetrate to the bare metal and sanding alone is not enough.

Dent Repair

At Coach Works, all of our repairs start by analyzing the body of the car to ensure that the original curves of the metal are still in place. Fillers and parts are compared and adjusted to make sure the best paint quality and adherence. Proper welding is critical to car repair and Coach Works does the best in the business. We pride ourselves in using certified welders to guarantee safety and quality standards.

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