Lauren M. – January 2015

“I had some damage to my front bumper repaired at Coach Works. Matt’s work is professional and competitively priced. My bumper looks great! He and Marina take care of their customers and their cars! You can bet that I will return if I need auto body work done in the future!”

Brian S. – December 2014

“Been hard to find a reliable body shop til now. I’ll be telling all my car buddies about this gem of a shop.”

Jeannette M. – October 2014

“This is long overdue… Coach Works Auto Body is the most honest auto body shop I have ever been to. I am almost 50 years old, I have lived in NY, SC, CO and AZ and I have never seen such an honest, caring mechanic. Matt, the main mechanic, is very personable and actually cares. His mom, who works in the office, is a sweetheart! Matt has had the opportunity to charge me thousands of dollars more than once (and I wouldn’t have known any better), however, he has always been honest with me and always fixes only what is needed w/o adding other things I don’t need just to pad the bill. I won’t take my vehicles anywhere else! I highly recommend this honest, family-owned business!”

Brian H. – February 2014

“Our company has worked with these folks for over 20 years. They recently helped us upgrade our fleet of trucks (we have 5 cab over Isuzus on the road every day). The work they perform is affordable and beautiful. This is a family owned company and they give their work with great passion and effect. I am always impressed with their restoration work (they have won recent awards) and general body work, paint and repair. They even remove scratches and dents. If you ever have a crash, you should call them – they will ensure you get the best value from your insurance policy. They are like working with an attorney; without having to pay an attorney. If you don’t see them – you’ll both lose money – and that ain’t no bull. Call me and I will tell you more ‘what a great company this is’.”

Michelle N. – December 2014

“Coach Works is amazing! I have taken two of my cars here to get things fixed this year and the year before…Matt Radman is very honest, quick to diagnose issues, and works quickly! Marina Radman is such a sweet heart and always charges a reasonable price! This place is definitely family oriented. I am very thankful to have Coach Works as a go to shop when things stop working. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family!”

Nicole C. – December 2014

“The insurance companies try to cheat everyone out of money and make claims processes a huge pain. Coach Works was extremely helpful with my claim and got me a lot more money for my total loss claim. LISTEN to them! They coached me through dealing with the insurance companies. I normally don’t write reviews, but I would like to stand up for Coach Works. They are a great company and they helped me.”

Curt H. – March 2014

“I first found Coach Works through a series of web searches when I was looking for a place I could trust with my classic car. They did a thorough job replacing a rusted panel and helped maintain the original look I was going for. They even went through and replaced a few nuts and bolts that were missing or beyond repair all over the car. Every few days during my restoration project, I’d come across a nut here or a bolt there that they replaced that they must have spotted during their repairs. That’s above and beyond. When my newer daily driver got hit, they were my first thought. I decided I wanted to replace the original paint with something custom, and Matt worked with me every step of the way. We put our heads together and came up with a design and color scheme that turned out absolutely stunning. Naturally, with that type of project you’re bound to have slight imperfections and Matt was very quick to schedule follow ups to get every last piece in mint condition. You have to be careful when you’re looking for a shop. Some of them are owned by the very insurance companies that insure your car. Matt’s shop is definitely a ‘mom n pop’ style shop, and I’m more than happy to trade my money for their great work.”

Sarah F. – January 2013

“Coach Works has been around for I think 27+ years! You are the best and I love the personal service you give your clients. I’ll keep going back to you for the quality and honest repair work. I’ve been scammed too many times in the past by other shady repair services, but not at Coachworks! I recommend you to all of my friends and family. Keep up the good work.”

Michelle N. – November 2014

“Wouldn’t take my cars anywhere else! 🙂 Love the Radman’s!”

Jim E. – July 2014

“Matt’s a solid guy and will make sure you’re happy with all his work.”

Chef Brian B. – July 2014

“Matt can fix anything…. big heart …solid guy A1 in my book.”

Sharon B. – July, 2014

“Not only are your services top notch, but your hearts are to serve others in the community. Love you guys!”